Our Vision

If everybody engages in sustainable grocery shopping, we can change the system. For our vision to come true, we developed Envirofy, the first science-based web browser extension that supports online shoppers in making sustainable food decisions.

For the Environment

The Behaviour Change Techniques investigated in this research not only support online shoppers in adapting to the climate emergency; they may also change suppliers’ behaviour. Shopping sustainably on a large scale could incentivises suppliers to produce more environmentally friendly products to improve their ratings and visibility.

For Social Justice

In collaboration with experts in consumption ethics we are further extending Envirofy’s functionality towards fair trade, organic, and sustainably sources products. This could increase demand for more ethically produced products, positively impacting the global south. Improving production and farming impacts can in turn promote minimal impact on the environment (e.g. water usage, pesticides).

For a Systemic Change

The more people install and use Envirofy, the more significant our impact. The results and insights from this research, and our close collaboration with the Food Standards Agency and the Food and Drink Federation Scotland, will inform future food production and supply chain policies in the UK.

Our Ethos

We value transparency above all. Here you can learn who we collaborate with, what funding we receive, read up on our publications, and check out the code base.


We have an amazing team of non-academic collaborators working on Envirofy from industry and non-profit organisations.

  • Food Standards Agency, Alice Rayner, Senior Social Science Research Officer;
  • Nourish Scotland, Pete Ritchie, Executive Director;
  • Food and Drink Federation Scotland, Cat Hay, Head of Food Policy FDF Scotland;
  • Tesco, Laurence Webb, Sustainability Manager;
  • WWF-UK, Liam Walsh, Sustainable Diets Manager;
  • Which?, Sue Davies, Head of Consumer Protection and Food Policy;

We are always looking for opportunities to collaborate. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Gözel Shakeri to setup a quick chat.

Research Funding

Research Publications

  • Ramadan, Y.: Envirofy 2.0 : A Web Extension Promoting Sustainable Shopping. In University of Glasgow, 2021. Link.
  • Shakeri, G., McCallum, C. H., Ramadan, Y. : Envirofy: Behaviour Change Wheel based Tool for Sustainable Online Grocery Shopping. In INTERACT, 2021. Link.
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  • Shakeri, G., McCallum, C. H.: Envirofy your Shop: Development of a Real-time Tool to Support Eco-friendly Food Purchases Online. In CHI Late-Breaking-Work, 2021. Link.

The Code

Our code base is open source.